Facial hair and rainbows...

Monochromatic moustaches and polychromatic rainbows. Find the new additions in the Surface design pages.

Heart of Hearts and Stanna

Heart of Hearts is inspired by fractal images. The hearts grow larger around the circles with intricate circles throughout.  You can find it in  Surface Design - Round.


Heart of Hearts     $485

Heart of Hearts


Stanna is based on a stylized image of a bike chain. The vertical strip pattern would leand itself to a wallpaper application. Stanna is in  Surface Design - Round.

Stanna     $485




Welcome to the new Infinity Creations website!

We hope this new format makes it easier for everyone to view our artworks. This blog will be used to highlight new works as they are created and added to the site.



Above is a new Geometric pattern called Mondy. It was inspired by one of my favourite artists, Mondrian.