A new way of seeing and creating...

During my trip to the US recently I discovered a new way of capturing the essence of an image. For a change I was deliberate in my inspiration instead of mostly eclectic (and possibly forgetful) in where I found initial inspiration for a piece. Below is the final work on the left and the initial inspiration on the right. Some of the pieces have yet to be coloured and some may just stay black and white.

This piece was actually started while waiting for the plane at the airport. Once I saw the clouds from the window of the plane, as uninspiring as they may seem in this photo, I could see the swirls I was trying to capture.

The walk through the airport in Vancouver was quite long but I liked the endless lines in this image.

On the way from the airport to the city we passed the port with its many container cranes. I really thought they looked like giant, alien giraffes! 

During our stay at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, I was able to wander the grounds and found many an inspiring image. I think you will agree that this one moved way beyond the initial inspiration.

This photo was actually an accident as I was putting my phone in my bag. I really liked the shapes though. This one may not be finished as I think it might need some colour.

I am sure this view of the Seattle Sky Needle from the Chihuly Gardens has been used as inspiration before now. I am not sure this one needs colour so maybe I will colour it in photoshop as I can undo anything that doesn't belong.

Another iconic view of the needle and I think this one is crying out for colour. Lots of red I think...

On the bus ride from Seattle to Tacoma we were stuck in traffic but it didn't really matter with a view of Mt Rainier out of the window. You can just see it in this photo near the centre of the windscreen.

There were so many amazing trees and buildings on campus and I have so many photos for further inspiration. This one may spawn a series of prints because I find the shape of the branches just fascinating. 

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