New kumihimo creations

I have been experimenting with two kinds of flat braids. The first is an eight tama himo called Hira-nami-yatsu - flat waves eight  from Comprehensive Treatise of Braids I: Maru-dai Braids by Makiko Tada (Japan) The left group was made using cotton embroidery floss and I experimented with the positions of the colours so create three different results. The one on the right was made using variegated silk from Japan. Oh I wish I could create all my braids with this silk! It is so lovely to work with and even mistakes look amazing!

The second flat braid I have been making is from a pattern called a Chinese braid that I changed a little to create each side the same. Except for the one on the left - one step was removed and it created two different sides. This braid is made using 16 tama and a little more tricky to get the tension just right if all of your tama are not the exact same weight. I think this is the one I will continue to experiment with as it would look good as a sageo once the colour combinations and positions are chosen. Again, the one on the right is Japanese silk the others a combination of cotton and rayon floss.