A birthday, some news and LOTS of play!

Let's start with the birthday - our Boy is six! No, I can't believe it either. Henry was woken early yesterday morning by his sisters to hurry up and open his presents. He scored well this year as Lily was a little unwell so we couldn't go to SkyZone to play laser tag as planned. I am glad we decided to stay home for the day because they all came down with coughing and sniffles today! Earlier this month he lost his second tooth and typical of the Tooth Fairy she was a day late. Lucky he still doesn't have much of a concept of money and forgave the tardy Tooth Fairy. He was also invited to be a part of another couple of studies at UQ. Henry really enjoys hanging out with the uni students and doing their little tests. He also loves going on the bus and having some Mummy-Boy time. I really love it too :)

Over the last couple of months we have been heading off to the museum and science centre for afternoon fun. There are some really cool exhibits on at the moment including the dinosaurs that move and make some appalling noises. The rescue exhibit is quite cool too and the children don't seem to be tiring of hanging out there. Lily has been developing her inner comedian and cracks us all regularly. At the museum I found her under a light saying 'Ommmmmm' like some kind of Buddha. I have no idea where she got the idea to do that but gee I giggled! She also loves sneaking up on me to give me a scare and falls over laughing when I squeal like a school girl after she has said 'Boo!' Ah it is good for my heart :) 
Another fine day last month we set out to search for a missing dog named Henry. I thought we could check out the grave yard that the children have been asking about for years. It was quite fascinating to read old gravestones and we had some very interesting discussions on death, burial, cremation and how much we missed PoppyO. We packed a picnic and ended up walking all the way to the river and back, about a 3km trip. The children were exhausted and slept very well that night! We found no trace of the missing dog but it was still a successful day. 
On another day, Heath took us for a drive to a produce store where we patted a donkey, checked out the chickens and stood with the hay minions for a photo! Yep, I know. Random minions are a great photo op!

Other highlights of this month -

  • The homeschool spring fair. The children had the idea to sell cookies that people could decorate themselves. We had fun in preparation for the day but none of them really wanted to man the stall and spent most of the morning playing in the park! There were some really cool stalls there and we all took advantage of them, brining home a pet rock; Lily's face painted; some kind of toy guitar that may find itself in the rubbish bin if the batteries don't die in it soon; lots of home made cookies and some very tired and happy Christenson children.
  • A magpie family has adopted us because Heath keeps feeding them even though I keep telling him it is NOT a good idea. I must admit though it is kind of cool how they are now tame enough to take food from our hand and are not at all frightened of us.
  • The children can also now do the grocery shopping online and I only have to take out a dozen chocolate bars and bags of chips before I check out. This is great because I can include a maths lesson on budgeting and estimation. Win win!

Oh, and we also fitted some actual lessons in too. Most days :)

In other news, we have decided to put the Merton Manor on the market. We are looking to move just outside Brisbane, probably around the Samford area. The past few weeks we have been working hard to get the house market ready and will probably be ready to go by the end of this week. We will miss our Super Neighbours and are spending time with them over the school holidays. Of course we will have lots of room for sleep overs in the new place. 
Stay tuned everyone for more exciting times from the Christenson Clan!

Three monkeys growing fast...