Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas preparations were fun this year and I even let the children decorate the tree without any of my help. It looks pretty good too! I managed to do most of the gift shopping online so I have been receiving parcels in the mail all month. I am pretty sure it all arrived in time but it is possible there will be one or two more random things arrive that I will be able to put aside for next year.
Lily and I made a quick trip to Bundaberg to pick up NannyO last week. Lily begged and begged to come with me because I may have been looking forward to a bit of time on my own. I was actually really glad for Lily's company on the way up even if she did comment quite a few times on how far it was to NannyO's! We went in convoy with my sister (in all but blood and name) Nikki and her crew and it was quite nice to spend some time with them when we stopped for a snack at Gympie. Or Stinky Ging-kee, as Lily calls it. We spent the night at NannyO's and in the morning tetris-packed the Subaru and headed home again. All my time spent on the baby expo circuit packing and unpacking crates of stock really came in handy and I was thankful I knew how to make the most of limited space. We fit almost an entire frozen pig (butchered), about 10kg of mangos, other vairous fruit and vegies and four huge watermelons. As well as everything NannyO will need for her stay. The only things we couldn't fit were two watermelons that Nikki dropped in and picked up for us.

This month we have just been trying to stay cool so we have spent some time in the kitchen (in air con!) doing craft and fun science stuff. Our Super Neighbours lent us a book on cool science experiments and we are working our way through it. We made some fresh lemon juice and used about half a ream of paper making invisible pictures and notes. Thee children were fascinated to see their art appear like magic when it was on the toaster!
 We were also lucky to have our Super Neighbour Kids over to hang out with us and they were even happy not to spend all day on the computers playing Animal Jam! We made a massive collaborative art piece that Zoe and Olivia really got in to and had a very elaborate story to go with it. The others just really enjoyed cutting up magazines and glueing stuff down.  

Christmas Eve we spent watching new (to us) Christmas movies and decorating gingerbread men. They all went to sleep pretty easily that night because they knew Santa would know if they were still awake. The next morning started VERY early but it was ok as the children's excitement was contagious. They loved that he left a note saying he could tell it was 4Real Milk we had left him and his footprints were a little bit of a mystery as they were suspiciously the same size shoe and mine... The children didn't ask too many questions though and just enjoyed a day of Mummy and Daddy saying yes to pretty much everything they asked.

For a change, I didn't take many photos or videos because I was just in the moment and enjoying my family. I missed my Dad as this is the first Christmas without him. The children were thinking of him too and we had a couple of conversations about last year's Christmas at his house. I also missed my friends who live far away, especially those really struggling at this time of year for one reason or another.
I am however very thankful for another wonderful Christmas with my amazing family and I hope wherever you are, that you have been as blessed as me with love and happiness. Merry Christmas everyone!