A lost tooth, an eclipse and Bunny poo...

We were very blessed to have some wonderful friends over for dinner recently. Lily was especially excited when she had a large audience to witness the loss of her first tooth. We all cheered as she wiggled it one last time and it fell out. Of course the tooth fairy was a day late but the gold coin was cherished until we could get to the shops to buy chocolate! We have been getting out more, visiting friends and parks. One day we even walked about 3km to the nearest park and home. They were all very weary at bed time!

Of course we are doing some kind of art every day, even if it is just some colouring in while I read to them. Nana picked up a stencil pack the other day and we had great fun creating some unusual works. Henry especially got a kick out of seeing a lion appear from what appeared to be just splotches of paint. We have also been experimenting with air dry clay. While I am familiar with regular clay, air dry clay behaves a little differently but I think I could get used to it because it means I don't need to find somewhere to get the final products fired. The kids can also use water colour paint to make their creations looks amazing. Henry has started to use the computer more. Both girls have figured out how to log on and find their favourite websites and they have also figured out how to Google search for images. Rest assured, they are never alone searching random images! I found Zoe printing out pictures of her favourite dogs in a bid to make her parents buy her one. Good try Zo, it's not going to happen.

We were lucky enough to have a very clear night for the lunar eclipse. Heath got out the celestial telescope and the children were amazed at the moon's colour and how fast it seemed to be moving in the telescope. Heath and I managed to get a few photos with our phones through the telescope. I really enjoyed the changing moon but after the children went to bed we checked out Jupiter. I have never seen it so clear! We could see four of its moons all in a line, three on one side and one on the other as well as the lines on the planet. It was a magical night.

We had a great Easter with lots of chocolate and a visit from NannyO and PoppyO. NannyO has been really busy making all kinds of things for the kids, including a knitting bomb of bunny ears for our front fence! I think its way cool my Mum knows all about knitting bombing and is contributing to the installation art movement in Bundaberg by knitting and covering random things like a kid's scooter and a shopping trolley. The next big piece is covering a part of a bridge with brightly coloured knitting with her team of knitters called the Oakwoolers. Stay tuned for some pics of that one!
Good Friday we went to the biggest Easter Egg Hunt in Brisbane and met up with some very good friends as well as the Easter Bunny. Only Zoe got a photo with Bunny as the rest of us were a little freaked out by it. The children all loved their new PJs and staying up a little later to see a new movie and eat pop corn, our regular Easter tradition. Easter morning the children at least waiting until the sun was up before running through the house following the Bunny Poo (cotton wool balls) trail to find piles of chocolate eggs. This year they even got a new toy because I really didn't want to buy as much chocolate as we did last year. They still managed to eat chocolate all morning though by 1pm all they wanted was cucumber! Zoe used her solar oven (science project from last term) to see how long it takes for chocolate to melt. Then she enjoyed the chocolate soup.

In the last few weeks we have been thinking about some of our dear friends. One family is moving away for a opportunity of a life time and we while we will miss them terribly, we are very excited for them. Another dear family is struggling with tragedy and they are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Our family is very close emotionally though it is not a big family. Perhaps because we don't have that many family members we often consider close friends part of the family and our hearts break for what breaks theirs.

My Dad said the other day that our children will be grown in a blink of an eye. At the time I thought - this is true, but at least my monkeys will be with me that whole time. Perhaps that blink will be a bit longer than if they were at school. Either way I am finding so much more time to just enjoy the days with them. Not every day is great, not every day is ordinary but every day we are together and this is the best part of our lives.

We hope you all had a good Easter break, surrounded by your loved ones - family, friends and friends who are family.