And it begins...

Monday week two...
I don't like Mondays. I know that sounds like the song lyrics but really, Mondays can just be a downer after a weekend of doing very little and enjoying it. So this morning, without thinking too much about it, I had the kids do as much school work as they could before 930am then I took them to the movies. On the way I said to them 'The cinemas won't be busy because all the kids are back at school.' I looked at them and we all just burst out laughing. Frozen, by the way, is a totally awesome movie and we all loved it. The kids ate their body weight in popcorn so didn't need lunch. We even loved the air con turned so low we almost felt like we were in the movie and we cuddled up together to keep warm. We thawed out fast when we returned to the real world of 30 degrees! Zoe asked when we got home if I had 'told the friendly cinema staff that the air con was too cold'. Clearly she was listening to all the ads before the movie started!
When we got home we made gak. I have never made this slime before so I really didn't know what to expect. It is the one where you mix PVA glue and borax dissolved in water. I had such an awesome time but we really over did it with the food colouring. My hands are still blue and Henry looks like a pale Smurf. The girls managed to get their hands clean by making mud pies in the yard this afternoon.
 Yeah the day ended with some tears and a bit of yelling but when I had all the kids around me learning about the chemical reaction happening in their cups while they made a slimy goo, Lily said 'Mummy, this is the best day ever!'
We all agreed with her and that is the moment I will remember.

Slime slugs!

Slime slugs!

Monday week three...
Today was much harder than last Monday! Zoe had a fair bit of work to do so I spent the morning with her while I tried to coax Lily into doing some of her activities. She wasn't really interested in sitting down so played with Henry until after lunch. Last week I noticed that Lily really doesn't like most of the activities set for her so far. They involve some extended concentration (more than 10 minutes!) and most of it is revision from last year so I can tell she is quite bored. I have her do as much will tell me she understands the concept then get her to do something physical. Friday I had her do a lap of the house on her skuut then stop to spell two words. She got every word right and after about 10 laps she was tired and went off to find something else to do.
Zoe on the other hand can sit for quite some time and tries really hard to get through her work. I can see how much she is taking in and I really love being a part of their learning. The activities so far have been quite engaging for her for the most part and she is grasping most of what she needs to understand at this level. 
The last few weeks I have gained confidence in the knowledge that my kids will learn all they need to know. They will learn to read and write well, they will understand maths, science, music and know where they fit in the world but more than anything, they will learn to love learning. I know I can teach them this, or rather show them the way. 
Some questions the children have asked recently that have lead to much research...
Lily - How much water is there in the world? 
Are there more boys that girls in the world?
How come the oceans don't evaporate?

Zoe - Why is sea water salty?
Why are snakes eggs soft?
Why doesn't honey go off?

Henry - Do spiders kiss?
What do lungs look like?
How is honey made?

Wednesday week three...
Today I had Zoe finish off a few projects. Or try to. Again, I also tried to entice Lily into doing some book work but she was having far too much fun playing with Henry. I had a call from our neighbour to see if their kids could come over for a play date tomorrow and this was the motivating factor that had Lily not only do her work from today but also Monday, Tuesday and the rest of the week. In about 15 minutes flat. Yes she can concentrate and focus! I feel really good about knowing that she is not interested in the activities because she just doesn't want to the work, not that she can't do it. Yes there is logic in that statement!
We had Little Athletics tonight and it was Zoe's turn for me to stay with her group while Lily went off in the under 7's group. I managed to catch up with Lily as she was doing long jump. Check out the action shot! Zoe's favourite event is discus and she is quite good at it too. I like this time every week though we only have a few weeks left until the end of the season. We will have to come up with something else to do until Little As start again in September.
On the way home we took the scenic route and the girls got to see the city lights. They asked to go for an adventure somewhere so they can see more of the 'beautiful city' on the way home. We stopped at Kangaroo Point and got out for a quick look at our amazing city. The girls were really in awe and Zoe said 'Wow Mummy! This is spectacular!' I love that I can say yes to stopping for a while to see the beauty that surrounds us. We have so much more time now and yes, we were home later than usual and they were late getting to bed but they fell asleep quickly, happily exhausted.  This is the life for us.