A trip to Bundy and time in gaol...

Zoe and I enjoyed our weekend trip to Bundaberg to visit NannyO. We scored some new books for our growing library too. Zoe liked checking out the garden and PoppyO's watermelons and mangoes. She said a few times she was missing PoppyO and it wasn't the same without him. It was a nice weekend and Zoe was only a little out of sorts being on her own away from her siblings. Although I think she was mainly missing her computer time on Animal Jam and knew the other two could play it as much as they wanted while she was away.
On the way there and back we listened to a new audiobook, Jonathan Park Adventures. I love these stories! I have learned so much and creation science and actual facts regarding world history rather than theories that can't and can never be proven. Also, the acting is quite good for a bunch of kids. Zoe has listened to the first two adventures a few times and the other day during our science lesson and I was telling the children about rabbits, Zoe says -
"Did you know if you had one mating pair of rabbits, after one month there would be the same pair. After two months there would still be the same pair. After three months there would be three pairs and after four months there would be five pairs. Then after six months there would be eight pairs, after seven months there would be 13 pairs and after eight months there would be 21 pairs of rabbits! They are Fibonacci numbers." (She had to use the number board to figure out the last couple of numbers). I have never even heard of this natural mathematical phenomenon and here is Miss8 telling me all about it. I had to do more research in case she had questions but so far she is happy with the information she learned from Jonathan Park.

Last week we finally made it to the Boggo Road Gaol. It was an excursion organised by our homeschool group and while the turn out wasn't huge, all of the children there really enjoyed it. Heath and I were very proud of our three monkeys who were so well behaved. Lily and Henry did get a little distracted during the 90 minute tour but Zoe was really into it. She stayed close to the guide and was quietly interested in all he had to say and the photos he showed us. It was a fascinating tour but more aimed at adults rather than children. 
My Dad's best friend used to work at the gaol during some really nasty times. I remember Dad telling me stories of what went on and I found the tour interesting, knowing a man who worked there and what he would have had to do and a night warden. It was a truly awful place.

This month the children and I have had a few really easy days when we didn't do too much formal study and quite a few more full on days when we worked really hard. On the easy days we play games, like fractions bingo - one of their favourites! I love how Henry knows basic fractions now along with the girls and they think it is just a game. Wouldn't it be good if all learning was like that?

Meanwhile, Heath has been working really hard and on weekends he has continued our little renovation. The laundry is looking fantastic! It is still in use so Heath has had to work around the washing machine (and the many loads of washing) and he has done such a wonderful job. I just have to paint it all now :)