A trip down memory lane.

Lily and I took a trip to Bundaberg last weekend. I think she had a good time even though she said 'the journey was just so long!' The drive was a little longer than I remember but it was nice to spend some time with my second born. She is a different child when she is on her own and we really enjoyed listening to a new story - Roald Dahl's Matilda read by Kate Winslet. This audio version is much better than the American movie I saw a few years ago and Lily and I talked about it a lot when it was finished. She was fascinated with the idea that a little girl could absorb so much information through books. When we arrived at NannyO's house Lily wanted to go and explore the 'field'. This cracked us up and we all had fun walking around checking out the mango trees and other crops. Dad had planted some watermelon and other things before they went to Cairns and Mum was pleased to see there was some sprouts. The mango trees look like they will have a bumper crop this year so we will have to come back and have our fill when they are ripe.

While we were there we helped Mum clean out some stuff. My big bro, Tas, made a start on the shed. Dad's massive - and I mean massive - tool collection is in need of sorting. There are things in that shed that came from Pop (Mum's dad) and even stuff that may have come from his dad. Tas is going to keep some items and donate some, maybe to the Men Shed, the man-cave hang out and haven Dad found a few years ago. 

Meanwhile, I spent time going through Mum and Dad's collections of books and paperwork in the hallway cupboard. The collection of really old books was fun to look at and I was able to keep some old World Book Encyclopaedia Childcraft books. Yes, there were printed in the early 70's but the information in there is timeless. These are the books I learned to read from and I loved looking at the oh so familiar images in them. They now sit in my book case and the children have had a few quick looks at them. The actual set of encyclopaedias were not worth keeping mainly because they are very out of date and also because I have access to more information via my phone. I learned so much growing up from this set of encyclopaedias in my home. Whenever I had a question about something my parents would tell me to 'look it up'. I now understand how much of a financial sacrifice it was for Mum and Dad to pay off such a huge investment, but I am really glad they did. I took it for granted that I had access to so much information whenever I wanted it. Perhaps just as our children take it for granted they have access to the answers to all their questions via the internet. We still 'look it up' when we want to know, we just look it up somewhere else.

Mum and Dad also kept all the old board games in the hallway. Have a look at that Monopoly board!!! That is the same set that kept Tas and I occupied for days on end. We sometimes had games go for more than a week, just playing it before bedtime every night. You know, I can't remember who used to win the most. It was all about the game and less about winning. I do remember Tas trying to cheat a few times so perhaps I was the usual winner! Tas would hide $500 orange notes in weird places for future games. One Christmas I found a few in the freezer! Tas said he had hid that during the Easter holidays, maybe the year before! Ah good times :)

This is one of my most prized possessions when I was young. I was so fascinated with the thousands of pattern possibilities with this set of Spirograh. This is where my obsession with pattern design started... and I didn't even realise it until I found it again. 

Zoe and I are heading to Bundy next weekend so stay tuned for another post of what I find in the overflowing book case in Mum's lounge room. Hopefully Zoe won't find the journey too long and boring. We don't mention the B word though or NannyO will have us washing windows!