New additions to the Christenson Family

A couple of weeks ago Heath finished building our chicken coop and we took the children to choose their new pets. They had a lovely time at City Chicks learning about how to best care for our hens and the children loved that they could each pick out their perfect chicken. Zoe named hers Claws, Lily's is called Rainbows and Henry's is Pterodactyl as he has a slight dinosaur obsession. Each afternoon the chickens are let out into the yard and it is the children's job to make sure they don't get under the house (again) and the magpies don't swoop them. So far we have had one very perfect egg and we hope that many more will follow. 

We had a lovely surprise this month at the girls' sports carnival at school. It seems Lily can run! She was coming first in her race and then looked around to see how everyone was running and came in second. She was so excited to get a red ribbon she has shown everyone who has visited us. Zoe ran well in her races and tried hard but we don't think she enjoys running as much as Lily does. Our amazing school has started chess lessons before school on Tuesdays and Zoe has found she really likes to play. Once she was told that if she tried really hard she would one day beat her Dad. Just the thought of beating him is keeping her playing! 
The girls had a great time with Nana and Papa for Grandparent's Day this year. They loved showing their school to Nan and Papa and they especially enjoyed the afternoon off :)