Six months since our last update...

Yes it has really been that long! It might be better to work backwards... 

Yesterday we had Zoe's 7th birthday party. Lec spent months preparing for it and it went very smoothly so we know it was all worth it :) A huge thanks to Lec's sis, Nikki from The Photobooth People for loaning us the awesome photobooth! We have heaps of photos of all the children at Zoe's party and a great little album for her to keep. Thanks so much Nikki and Matt, we love you!!
Thanks to Nana and Papa too as they are always a big help with the organizing of our parties and helping out with the cooking.

The theme of the party was Tangled. We had bunting up everywhere as well as Tangled themed food and games. The pin the fry pan on Flynn Ryder's head was lots of fun as was pass the parcel even though there were waaaay too many lollipops for Zoe's liking. The girls loved decorating their lanterns and wearing their Rapunzel hair. The cake was inspired by the sun motif in the movie but as Lec added a bit of flair to it. The guests took all their goodies home in bag big enough to fit it all. We have quite a few lanterns left over so Lec will probably decorate them and leave them up.
Zoe enjoyed being with her friends after three weeks of school holidays. That was a very long three weeks. School starts back Monday and Lec... erm everyone is happy :)


Since January...
Aside from our eldest monkey turning seven, not too much has happened since January. The girls are doing well at school and we are pleased with their efforts. The Boy is enjoying time at home but we think he will enjoy kindy next year. 

Easter was lots of fun and for the second year we let the kids eat all the chocolate they wanted for the day. Yes, that mean they have not mentioned or had chocolate since then.  Henry even had a bath in chocolate and the girls had it for breakfast and lunch but at dinner they were all over the sweet stuff and into the broccoli and peas. Lec tried her hand at some Easter treats - see the photos of the dyed eggs and cake eggs (yes the children didn't know what to think of those either!) and they Easter egg hunt was so much fun this year. Even if it did start at 5am. They ended the day in new pjs and a special treat, staying up late to watch a movie. They begged to go to bed at 730pm and were all asleep by 731pm. 

We have had a few homestay students this year and the children are enjoying learning how to communicate with them. The students don't understand much of what the children say to them and they smile and nod a lot, especially when Henry talks to them, but we also do that when the kids talk to us. So the kids don't mind!

Mother's Day was great and started with a little 8km run for Lec in the Mother's Day classic. Ended with her on the lounge for the rest of the day with the start of a nasty foot injury. Lily had a Mother's Day morning tea in prep and Lec was spoiled by her second born for a couple of hours. It was a pretty special Mother's Day :)
Lec is back on the expo circuit and being a part of itti is never dull! The next expo for her is the Melbourne expo in October and possibly an international trip before the end of the year. itti has launched their new look - check it out here - and it looks awesome. Lec is still super busy with the social media work for itti and now has a few itti mums helping her out. With over 41,000 people following the itti FB page there is always heaps of customers to help out and stuff to give away :)

Heath is still busy with his clients as well as building a chicken coop in the back yard on weekends. The weather since Christmas has been terrible so the coop is taking some time to be completed. Henry has been the only one in the coop playing in the mud so far but we will soon have some chickens in there.  

Here are some photos from the last six months:)