It is almost Christmas...

The children are well into holiday mode after the girls finished school at the end of November. Both girls did quite well at school this year, though Lily really struggled most mornings towards the end of the year. We had many meltdown when the bell went and it was time to go into class. It was not like she didn't like school, her teachers or her friends - she just didn't want to leave her mum. Towards the end, I didn't want to leave her either. The day after school finished, we had Lily's 6th birthday party here. Our Little Flower loved being surrounded with her favourite friends and we loved spending time with some amazing families. Lily said the best part of the party was when I cut off her mermaid cake's head. She did giggle as I said 'Off with her head!!'

Zoe enjoyed the final part of year two and enjoyed making some new friends. Both girls did quite well academically and we are pleased with their progress. We have enjoyed our time and Citypointe Christian College but we have decided to move on. Next year we are trialing distance education for both girls through Riverside Christian College. Henry is excited to go to Mott Park Kindy a few suburbs away from home. The girls are excited that they will be able to play in the awesome park next door to Henry's kindy when we pick him up five days a fortnight.
Our little man turned four at the end of September. Then he all of a sudden grew up! He has moved back into his room into a new bed and is enjoying his independence. Thankfully he still loves Mummy cuddles. He is also not too big to catch a ride on Heath's back while the vacuuming is done. He has also had a great time this term attending an art class run by a good friend of mine. She has given me many ideas on how to keep my monkeys enjoying art next year :)

Even though he fights with his sisters, he really loves them. It took about a week for all of them to get used to the holidays and being together more. We still have fights and meltdowns but we think having an hour or so alone time (read: rest time while I lay on the couch reading/napping :) ) does wonders for them!
We had a go and a gingerbread house last week. The kids really enjoyed the process and didn't really mind that it looked so bad. The especially enjoyed smashing it apart and eating it!

The latest range of Limited Edition Prints has finally arrived at itti and it has be received quite well. We don't use the nappies any more of course but we have a few wetbags and blankees to play with! All of these designs are mine this season and I think I like Shazam the best :) Check them out here 

I traveled to Melbourne in October for my final baby expo with itti. I won't be doing any more travelling for work. Heath's business is very busy and will only get busier in the New Year. We are so very blessed for me to be able to stay at home and devote so much time to the children and their learning. 
Of course I have no idea how we will go home educating the children but right now, I am very optimistic about it all. The girls are looking forward to being at home more and we have joined a homeschooling community who have regular meetups for language and sport lessons as well as many other kinds of learning experiences. Lily will be joining the Australia Girls Choir early next year and all the children will be doing swimming lessons. 
I would like to thank everyone who has been so supportive of our decision to home educate next year. Especially the girls' extraordinary teachers this year and my amazing friends from school. Thank you everyone, you know who you are ;) 
I was very spoiled at the beginning of December to receive some amazing birthday gifts and love. itti of course spoiled me rotten as did my minions! My family made sure I felt really special and though I am struggling with the reality of a big milestone birthday (no, I won't say it!), I know I have the most amazing life :)

Tomorrow we head to Bundaberg to spend Christmas with NannyO and PoppyO as well and my brother Tas and his family who have driven down from Cairns. This will be the first time our family has been together at Casa Osborne in a very long time (probably 20 years!) and I for one am looking forward to some down time. We will be back in the New Year with more photos and news from the Christenson Chronicles.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year everyone!
All our love
Alexis, Heath, Lily Henry and Zoe xxx