Change of plans...

It has been a very big month...

This is our beautiful chorister Lily. She had an amazing time yesterday at her annual summer performance. It was really wonderful to watch her on stage enjoying her time in the spotlight. This is her second year with the Australian Girls Choir and she tells me she will continue next year. I would love for her to continue until she is grown up but I am happy to revisit her choice to participate every year.  
After all the excitement of the auction and Lily's performance yesterday, the children found something else to get loud about toward the end of the day. A baby magpie fell out of the sky near where they were playing and they were devastated to watch it die. They figured out a crow had taken the baby out of the next in the tree next door and dropped it as it was way to young to be flying. Lily in particular was quite indignant that a crow was attacking the next and was screaming at it to leave the magpie family alone. The crow didn't listen though and continued to attack the nest as we watched on.  We helped Heath dig a hole and bury the poor baby maggie. The children were not too distressed as we explained death was all a part of life. They were sad and talked about how horrible the crows are but we discussed that it was in their nature to find food wherever they could. It was a great lesson in our wonderfully designed natural world.

Yesterday was a big day for us - auction day. None of us wanted to go through an auction but we were somehow persuaded to go ahead with it anyway. Regardless of what happened the result is - no one bought our house. We are totally OK with that and though the house will remain on the market for the next two weeks, we have accepted that we will be staying put for the time being. The past couple of months have been a good learning experience for everyone and we are now looking forward to moving on with the next phase of life at Merton Manor. NannyO is still coming to live so we have some more planning and building to do! Our Super Neighbours are very happy we are staying and helped us celebrate last night with lots of champagne and good company.

Through all of the cleaning and de-cluttering, open houses and house inspections at Samford, I have tried very hard to continue with our regular studies. It has not been easy and I will admit there were quite a few days when we didn't open any workbooks. There are of course many other things that the children have learned that didn't involve a workbook or pen.  
The children had their annual dentist visit and it was the first for Henry. I was quite proud when the dentist told them they were doing a good job at keeping their teeth in good shape. I really like the government's free dental care for children initiative. It means we can take them for their yearly check ups with no excuse. It also helps we have an awesome team of dentists who we trust - Coorparoo Family Dental. 
Science and STEM continues to be the favourite subjects for all the children. I even had them draw some pictures of our latest lesson which involved lollies and honey! We are working our way though Science in the Ancient World and so far the hands on activities have been quite fun. This lesson was about what makes up a molecule and while I didn't require Henry to write anything, I was really proud when he wanted to join in and make his own diagram.  We are working with him on phonics and the alphabet and even the girls enjoy helping him out. They especially love coming up with new games that involves the alphabet, dancing, acting and Henry! Of course he loves the extra attention. 
Next for us is to rest for a bit then get ready for Christmas and the new year with NannyO moving in. We understand that plans change and new ones have to be made - this is life and we are so thankful for everyone in ours :)