Another birthday, lots of swimming and a sad goodbye.

I really enjoyed my birthday this year and it was the first I spent with my family in quite a few years. The children let me have a restful day and my wonderful husband spoiled me with a delicious Japanese dinner and a movie. It was fitting as it was our 12th anniversary of our first date. Although our old favourite restaurant has closed down, we have a new favourite at Southbank - Sankai. I would recommend anything on the menu as it is all oishi (delicious) washed down with lots of sake!

Zoe's first lesson - putting her head under with no fear!

For the past two weeks the children have been having daily swimming lessons. Our teacher, Donna, is amazing and coaxed Lily and Zoe out of the fear of putting their head under water. Zoe's improvement was remarkable. From the first day of holding on to Donna for life to day ten of starting to learn freestyle. Every day the children woke up so excited to be going swimming and at the end of the lesson being so proud of their achievements. Gee they were exhausted though! We had a few extra meltdowns during the fortnight but I think it was worth it. I am writing reports for the girls for the HEU (Home Education Unit) and one of the subjects I am reporting on is Health and Physical Education. I have lots to write about now!

Last night we said a sad goodbye to Riho, our Japanese homestay student. Riho has been with us for seven months and has become a part of the family. She put up with the children being noisy every morning and always helped out to keep our home running smoothly. We took the children with us to the airport and the three of them cried as we drove away from their 'big sister' Riho. We will all miss her and we look forward to when she can come back for a visit. 

We won't be getting another student for some time as NannyO is coming to stay for a few months. The children are very excited about this and we are looking forward to taking care of her. We just hope she can handle the noise!